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You’ll have access to the address, telephone, website, hours, appointment information, restrictions, fees (if any) and identification requirements. Available tests generally include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, HIV, and Syphilis.

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Why Choose over Free STD Testing

The answer is simple. It’s for your health! If you’ve never taken an STD test before, if you’ve had multiple partners, if you have any questions at all about your risk for STDs, our easy testing process is here for you from beginning to end. Our simple service makes it easy to get tested, receive results and discuss any treatment with our medical team in a timely, confidential and helpful manner.

Privacy and Your STD Test

Visiting your primary care physician’s office isn’t always ideal when you want to get tested for an STD. Neither is waiting in line at a free public clinic where everyone knows exactly what you’re getting tested for. With our service, getting tested for STDs is a discreet and efficient affair. After ordering your tests online, getting tested usually takes 15 minutes or less once you arrive at the lab. The reason for your visit will not be announced to the waiting room and you’ll be in and out before you know it.

No Appointment Necessary

Don’t worry about making your appointment to get tested for STDs weeks in advance, which is often the case with primary care visits and specialist referrals. Our service doesn’t require any appointments at the lab, and same-day STD testing is readily available. and the labs we partner with are focused on the care of each and every patient, and that includes the convenience of a quick appointment as close as possible to the date and time requested. Your sexual health is too important to wait.

Physician Consultation

Whether you’ve just received your test results or you’re feeling concerned about new symptoms that could be related to an STD, our dedicated support team of STD experts is here to help. If you have been diagnosed with an STD, a member of our medical staff will follow up to discuss your diagnosis, answer any questions you have and prescribe treatment, if appropriate and permitted by state law.

Exceptional Customer Service

Incredible customer service is what truly makes us stand out when looking for a medical service that is fast, affordable and confidential. Our testing service and medical follow up is patient-centered and geared toward making the STD testing process as comfortable and approachable as possible. We are constantly improving and elevating our standards of care to meet your needs. If you have any questions or ways you think our STD testing experience can be improved, just contact us.

Thousands of Labs Nationwide

Our relationships with our lab partners across the country help to make our service easily accessible. By visiting, you’re on your way to scheduling an appointment today for STD testing in your area at a lab conveniently located near you.

  • Choose the STD Tests that are Right for You
  • Schedule an Appointment for the Same Day
  • All Labs are CLIA-certified
  • Test Results Available Usually in 3 Business Days or Less
  • Follow Up from Our Medical Team

Why You Should Get Tested for STDs

If you are sexually active and have never been tested before, we recommend you get tested as soon as possible. Also, if you have been exposed to an STD, recently had unprotected sex or been with multiple partners in the last year, you are at risk and should get tested. If you experience common symptoms including genital discharge, burning during urination or genital sores, you should get STD testing as soon as possible.

Quick Facts About STD Testing

  • Getting STD tested is important for your sexual health
  • There are various options and locations for testing
  • Every time you have unprotected sex, you should get tested
  • Different methods are used to diagnose different sexually transmitted infections

If I Need STD Testing, How Do I Get It?

If you are experiencing symptoms that could be linked to an STD and you are at your doctor’s office, you can request an STD test, depending on the availability. In addition to tests provided by your primary care provider and free clinics, there are online options like ours that make scheduling an appointment based on the tests recommended for you simple and cost-effective, often with same-day testing options with results delivered usually within three business days or less.

STD Testing Methods

Different sexually transmitted infections require different lab methods of testing. The common STD tests can require any of the following:

  • Blood Draw
  • Urine Sample
  • Tissue Sample
  • Physical Exam (when appropriate)

Find the right tests

Choose the specific tests that are right for you or select a full STD test panel

Choose a location

Get tested at home, work, a lab, or another convenient location near you

Fast online results

You’ll be notified of your results usually within three business days or less

Doctor follow-up

Our medical team is on-call to discuss your diagnosis and recommend further care

Your privacy is our priority

Your health information is protected by strict federal and state privacy laws, and we use industry standard practices to ensure the security of that information. Get Tested Now

Website Security works to make your testing experience as discreet as possible. Our site employs the HL7 interface in transferring information from our domains to the labs we work with. HL7 is the healthcare industry safety security standard for ensuring the privacy of all documents transferred on the web.

Email Privacy

You’ll never receive an email with a loud headline announcing “Your STD Test”. You won’t even see our website name in the “From” column. Our email communications are timely and informative, but intentionally discreet.

Discreet Billing

As another safe-guard to your privacy, our website name will not appear on your billing statement. Neither will the names of any tests you receive.

Private Results

Your results involve a two-step process that is another safe-guard to your privacy. You’ll be notified that your results are available by an email from our partner website, which will not include your results. After you log in, you will then be directed to your secure test results.

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