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We take your confidentiality seriously.

Your information is kept confidential during every step of our testing process. At every moment, your privacy will be the top priority. This confidentiality starts when you contact us, regardless of whether it’s through our website or by phone. We encrypt any personal information you send through our website, so it is kept completely confidential. If you prefer to call, you will be in touch with a trained Care Advisor who will take measures to ensure your privacy.

Our commitment to privacy extends throughout your testing and results. We know that people get private STD testing for many reasons, and you don’t have to share what that reason is. We will simply help you get the testing you need while maintaining your confidentiality. We won’t share any of your personally identifying information with anyone else. Our confidential STD testing method does not use insurance and issues you a unique identification code to use at the lab, preventing your information from being shared with your insurance company, the lab or your medical record.

We are serious about following Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines to keep your medical information safe and private. When we have your information in our care, we take every measure to keep it confidential. When your services with us are complete, we delete your information so there is no longer any record of your interactions with our services.

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Why get tested?

It’s your health. The STD testing conversation can be difficult, but we’re here to make it easier by offering a private, compassionate service you can count on. No matter your reasons, our fast, inexpensive and confidential care will help ease your worries and help you with any questions you have for the future.

When should I get tested?

How is STD testing performed?

What are my options for private testing?

When should I get tested?

Millions of people across the country have STDs and aren’t even aware, and the easiest way to find out is to get tested. Clearing up any questions around sexual health is important. You should get tested if you’re experiencing common STD symptoms including:

  • Discharge from vagina or penis
  • Genital sores
  • Any itching or burning sensation during urination

It’s always a good idea to get tested if you are currently with multiple partners, have been with multiple partners over the last year who have not been tested, or if a former or current partner has tested positive for an STD.

How is STD testing performed?

Some tests call for different procedures. The type of test depends on the STDs for which you are being tested.

Blood Sample Collection – A blood draw is need for several STD tests.

Urine Sample Collection – This is another common method used for STD testing. The urine sample would replace a swab test.

What are my options for private testing?

The answer is simple, confidential and affordable. By selecting your STD tests online or giving us a call, you can set up a same-day STD test at a local lab. You’ll have the results of your test in about 48 hours, and there are doctors on call to answer any questions and discuss results. The process is designed to be as private and convenient as possible.

We protect your privacy

We take numerous steps to protect your privacy, from the time you contact us until the time when you’re finished with our testing services. During every step of the process, we follow Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines, which are designed to protect patient privacy.

Any information you submit through our website is encrypted with 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, which meets industry standards. It is also protected by an HL-7 interface, which is the health industry standard.

The testing process is entirely confidential. You won’t even need to give the lab your name or fill out paperwork that could identify you. Instead, we assign you a unique identification code with the purchase of our confidential STD testing. You can use this code at the lab instead of giving any personal information. You will also use this code to track the status of the test and to receive your lab results. In this way, your lab visits and results are disconnected from your personally identifying information.

Your privacy is also maintained throughout the payment process. We do not accept health insurance for our private STD testing so that your test is not reported to your insurance company. This method also prevents the testing and results from being added to your permanent medical record. Instead, you pay through us, and we show the charge on your statement as “”

When your services with us are finished, we erase any personal or financial information we have for you, removing any record and ensuring your privacy.

Your privacy is our priority

Your health information is protected by strict federal and state privacy laws, and we use industry standard practices to ensure the security of that information. Get Tested Now

Website Security works to make your testing experience as discreet as possible. Our site employs the HL7 interface in transferring information from our domains to the labs we work with. HL7 is the healthcare industry safety security standard for ensuring the privacy of all documents transferred on the web.

Email Privacy

You’ll never receive an email with a loud headline announcing “Your STD Test”. You won’t even see our website name in the “From” column. Our email communications are timely and informative, but intentionally discreet.

Discreet Billing

As another safe-guard to your privacy, our website name will not appear on your billing statement. Neither will the names of any tests you receive.

Private Results

Your results involve a two-step process that is another safe-guard to your privacy. You’ll be notified that your results are available by an email from our partner website, which will not include your results. After you log in, you will then be directed to your secure test results.

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