Scheduling and receiving an STD test can be stressful, so we work to make the process as easy as possible with convenient locations, quick results, and easy payment methods. Below is a detailed list of some of the most commonly asked questions about STD testing and your various payment options.

How Can I Pay for my STD Test?

Be sure to ask your selected local lab for their offered payment methods and whether there are discounted rates for any preferred payment methods. Many labs, especially those conducted online via form or phone, will have a variety of options that may include:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Money Orders
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Delayed Payment Options
  • Health Spending Account (HSA)
  • Flex Spending Account (FSA)

Will STD testing show up on my card statement?

Will STD Test Results Go on my Medical Record?

How Much Does an STD Test Cost?

Should I Pay Out-of-Pocket?

Will I Receive Any Additional Information in the Mail?

Will STD testing show up on my card statement?

Our labs are very discreet and always operate with your confidentiality in mind. If you are not the only one with access to your bank and card statements, we understand that you may not want the details of your purchase included. When you order a test through us, the transaction will appear as on all statements.

Will STD Test Results Go on my Medical Record?

If you would like to avoid sharing your personal test results and protect your privacy, it is advised you pay out-of-pocket and to not use your insurance for STD testing. We work hard to keep our costs low and affordable so you can keep your sexual health a private matter.

If you use were to your health insurance to pay for your STD screening, your insurance company will be notified. This cannot be altered, as it is an automated process.

How Much Does an STD Test Cost?

Every test has a non-refundable fee and must be paid by you, regardless of whether or not you have insurance. Tests can be purchased individually or you may select a full STD panel test for the best value. It is a one-time, stand-alone doctor’s fee that covers the recommended STD testing plan that best suits your needs, the lab work, results and explanation, and treatment plan if needed.

Should I Pay Out-of-Pocket?

Anyone having an STD screening will pay the test fee before their appointment, typically online or over the phone using a credit card. This can either be for specific tests or for a full STD panel test. Some labs do not accept insurance, as it is not expected that all plans will cover any portion of the testing. In addition, most plans that pay for the services in part of in full still require an additional co-pay or secondary payment, making paying with insurance a less convenient option over paying directly.

Even among those who have insurance, many choose to forego it for private STD testing. The test fee is the main cost and it is paid no matter what coverage is used. Oftentimes the copay and out-of-pocket expenses are in line with each other; depending on your copay, it can actually be more expensive to use your insurance.

Additionally, some prefer the privacy afforded to them by simply paying out-of-pocket and not worrying about their permanent insurance and medical records. There is also a greater variety of lab locations available to you if you are not limited to those that accept your insurance.

Will I Receive Any Additional Information in the Mail?

We use phone and online accounts to communicate with you, as they are the most secure methods of sharing confidential information. There are only extraordinary circumstances in which we will contact you by direct mail and this will be arranged on an as-needed basis.

Your insurance company, however, would contact you via mail if you were to use your plan to pay for STD testing. It is common for them to send an Explanation of Benefits. If you do not want to receive this in the mail, paying for STD testing directly is a more attractive option for protecting your privacy.

Your privacy is our priority

Your health information is protected by strict federal and state privacy laws, and we use industry standard practices to ensure the security of that information. Get Tested Now

Website Security works to make your testing experience as discreet as possible. Our site employs the HL7 interface in transferring information from our domains to the labs we work with. HL7 is the healthcare industry safety security standard for ensuring the privacy of all documents transferred on the web.

Email Privacy

You’ll never receive an email with a loud headline announcing “Your STD Test”. You won’t even see our website name in the “From” column. Our email communications are timely and informative, but intentionally discreet.

Discreet Billing

As another safe-guard to your privacy, our website name will not appear on your billing statement. Neither will the names of any tests you receive.

Private Results

Your results involve a two-step process that is another safe-guard to your privacy. You’ll be notified that your results are available by an email from our partner website, which will not include your results. After you log in, you will then be directed to your secure test results.

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