The entire United States currently has high and rising rates of STDs, but Chicago’s rates have been significantly higher than that. This means that sexual activity in Chicago comes with an increased risk of getting an STD. While it makes sense to try to prevent the spread of STDs and to get tested no matter where you live, it’s even more important in this area.

STD Rates in Chicago

Some of the most recent data available showed certain STD tests in Chicago that were much higher than the rest of the nation. The Chicago Department of Public Health found that Chicago residents had twice as high a risk of chlamydia and almost triple the risk of gonorrhea than people in other parts of the country.

It’s serious that Chicago’s rates are higher than other parts of the United States because the country saw an increase overall. The STD tests in Chicago, gonorrhea and syphilis had all increased significantly four years in a row by 2017, according to the CDC at the 2018 National STD Prevention Conference.

The rates of certain STDs in Chicago are also higher than the rest of the state combined. Here’s 2016 STD tests in Chicago that compares Chicago alone to the whole state excluding Chicago:

  • Chlamydia cases per 100,000 population: 1,104.6 in Chicago and 562.7 in Illinois
  • Gonorrhea cases per 100,000 population: 402.0 in Chicago and 165.2 in Illinois
  • Syphilis cases per 100,000 population: 30.2 in Chicago and 9.8 in Illinois

The Chicago Department of Public Health data showed that certain groups had higher rates of certain STDs. Women showed higher rates of new chlamydia cases, but the public health department noted that this might be because more women are screened for this than men, so additional men could have it without being diagnosed. Also, most diagnoses of STDs are happening to Chicago adolescents and young adults.

Chicago STD Testing

Getting STD tests in Chicago can help you know whether you’ve been infected with prevalent STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis. You could take an individual test to check for each one or take one comprehensive test that screens for all three plus other common STDs. Chicago has very high rates of STDs compared to the rest of the country, so it’s especially worth getting tested if you’re dating in this area. It’s also a good idea for the groups we discussed above that are most at risk in the Chicago area. Through testing, you’ll find out whether you’ve been exposed. Then, you can feel at ease knowing you’re clear or you can get treatment for an STD.

Testing doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead, our method only requires a quick trip to a lab, skipping the doctor’s visit. We make the process entirely confidential, even keeping your information from the lab workers. You’ll get an accurate picture of your health status without sacrificing your privacy. With the high rates of STDs in Chicago, be safe by getting tested.